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Shivaree - a tradition

Tulle Hat Company designed the first Shivaree in 2006 and the hats quickly became a popular gift for the bride-to-be. Shivaree is an elegant, fun, and distinctive hat for a bachelorette party, an engagement celebration, bridal shower, or rehearsal. Brides select a Shivaree Hat for ‘the walk down the aisle’, to wear at their reception, or on their honeymoon. Shivaree is perfect for an anniversary or vow renewal ceremony, too. Though Western in style, Shivaree Hats have appeared around the country, at The House of Blues in Chicago, the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, the Ritz Hotel in Naples, Florida, the Stanton Social Club in Manhattan, on a sandy beach in Maui, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Joshua Tree National Park, California, and the list goes on.

Shivaree Hats are stylishly customized for each bride. They feature gorgeous Shady Brady Western style hats which are proudly Made in the USA, where cowboy hats originated and should be made! Shady Brady hats became famous when Julia Roberts wore a Shady Brady in the movie The Runaway Bride. Shivaree veils are also Made in the USA, of matte or shiny tulle in white or ivory. The veils are trimmed with Venice lace, satin cording in wedding or college colors, beaded-fringe, or satin ribbon.

The legend of an Old West Wedding Custom is the inspiration for Shivaree Hats....As the French settled along and west of the Mississippi River, they brought with them a wedding tradition called "Charivari" (Cha Ri Va Ri). The pioneers found it difficult to pronounce the French "Charivari" and so called the tradition "Shivaree" instead! Custom had it that after a wedding celebration, guests would form a Shivaree party and follow the newlyweds to where they were spending their wedding night. All in fun, the Shivaree would bang on pots and pans and noisily serenade the couple, interrupting their plans for the evening. Finally, the embarrassed groom and blushing bride would appear and join in the merriment. When naming our festive bridal hat, we decided Shivaree was the perfect choice!

Our Gallery features some of the beautiful hat and veil choices for you to customize a Shivaree Hat, whether it’s a gift for the bride-to-be or for yourself. Contact us to design a one-of-a-kind hat and, “Join in the new tradition of Shivaree!”